New Hampshire: The Granite State. While known for its rocks and white mountains, New Hampshire's mere eighteen miles of coast supports a surprisingly vibrant surfing community - bound by their frozen stoke.

We are building a documentary to share the stories and passion of these incredible people.

October 11, 2012

New England Blood

In conjuction with Eastern Surf Magazine's fantastic article about New Hampshire surfing by Nick McGregor, we made a video about fall in New England from a surfer's perspective.

You can read Nick's article and the rest of the ESM issue here.

Fall is when we feel most at home in New England.


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    1. Thanks Tom! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. Really enjoyed your videos . . . I am writing a profile piece about winter surfing at The Wall/Rye Rocks for a writing seminar, nothing that will be published, more of an assignment. Could I ask you guys some questions about winter surfing?

    1. Sure Marianne - we'd be happy to talk to you. Send us an email at

  3. Hey! Have you ever paid attention, have your writting skills improved lately?

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