New Hampshire: The Granite State. While known for its rocks and white mountains, New Hampshire's mere eighteen miles of coast supports a surprisingly vibrant surfing community - bound by their frozen stoke.

We are building a documentary to share the stories and passion of these incredible people.

September 28, 2011

New Name!

We are changing our name! Please go to the FACEBOOK PAGE and give us your thoughts. We set up a poll, but it allows anyone to add suggestions. You can also comment here on the blog. New video soon!

September 19, 2011

Grain Surf Re-Evolution

Here is a little edit of Grain Surfboards' Surf Re-Evolution last weekend. Dylan went down with Mike Sidebottom and Michael Emery and Kevin Schoenthaler of Green Lightning Surfboards to play around with some Grain boards, promote their own boards, and enjoy the company of the local surf community.

Sorry about the lack of videos as of late. We have interviewed Skip Brunette, Lenny Nichols, and Joel St. John and are really excited about the videos, but are waiting to get some more footage of them to make their videos. Hopefully we'll be getting those videos up for you all soon.

Green Lightning

September 4, 2011

Hurricane Irene with Mike and Michael

Over this past weekend, we had the pleasure of joining Mike Sidebottom and Michael Emery as they traveled to southern New England to surf pre-Irene swell and then back up to New Hampshire to enjoy the post-hurricane waves. Although we had a great time and as surfers, we live for this time of year, our thoughts go out to all those affected by Irene. We never wish for hurricanes to cause destruction or take lives. A great big thank you to all the response teams working around the clock to fix roads, restore power, and limit flooding.

Now, this is our longest video yet and it was a good test working through loads of footage. Although this is much more of a "surf video," it gives a taste as to how the documentary may look. We would love to hear what you all think as we are working through this. Thanks!

Music by Leaky People and Dylan Ladds
"King Keratin"
Rats Eating Rats - Leaky People

September 2, 2011

Carl Mahlstedt

Carl runs the Goosebay Lumber company in Chichester, NH. He grew up surfing in NJ, had many jobs that involved the ocean, and has recently rediscovered the joy in catching a wave. He now sells wooden surfboard kits, and also builds them himself.

Goosebay Lumber