New Hampshire: The Granite State. While known for its rocks and white mountains, New Hampshire's mere eighteen miles of coast supports a surprisingly vibrant surfing community - bound by their frozen stoke.

We are building a documentary to share the stories and passion of these incredible people.

October 9, 2012

Mount Clay

We hiked Mount Clay this morning for sunrise, hoping for a dramatic fall sunrise over the great gulf. Hiking at night is a very interesting and different experience and being above treeline at night was pretty surreal. We were also greeted by a dramatic winter landscape for much of the mountain. The clouds at the summit were obstructing our view to the east and we never saw the sunrise, but we were treated to some incredible cloud movement and dramatic views to the west.  Not exactly what we expected but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


  1. this photo rocks big boulders

  2. guys these are incredible. I'd love to join you on one of these sunrise trips.

    1. Thanks! I'd love to do another sunrise trip. Not sure if we can go near Washington again, as it's pretty much winter there. But there are plenty of other spots. Would be a blast. Let's figure out a time.

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