New Hampshire: The Granite State. While known for its rocks and white mountains, New Hampshire's mere eighteen miles of coast supports a surprisingly vibrant surfing community - bound by their frozen stoke.

We are building a documentary to share the stories and passion of these incredible people.

October 1, 2011

Skip Brunette

Welcome to the new blog! The name change went smoothly, and we are good to go. Thanks to everyone for their help!

We spent some time with Skip Brunette and he gave us an awesome interview. Here's our edit!

Skip's Band, Todo Bien Todo Bien


  1. Great video, I love how he focuses a lot on the community aspect of The Wall. I also think his story about NC was pretty crazy. Loved the early morning shots as well! Nice work!

  2. Beautiful footage guys. Great job of setting the various moods. The interview was really interesting too, and I like the footage you used during the NC story with the grey water lapping up onto the camera. Nice!

  3. Thanks Chris and Tom! We really appreciate your feedback. We had a lot of fun with this and Skip gave us great material to work with. Hope you both are doing well. Thanks agin.